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1. Do you offer a written contract?


2. Can I meet the DJ that would work at my wedding, before I sign a contract?

Yes, absolutely.

3. Will the DJ's name that is performing at my wedding be in the contract?

Yes. We do not use open-ended contracts.

4. How long will you hold my date?

Fourteen (14) days

5. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes we do.

6. Can you please show me proof of liability insurance?

Just ask and we will furnish you a copy of our Certificate of Liability Insurance.

7. Do you have backup equipment?


8. Do you bring backup equipment with you?

Yes! Beware there are companies that say they have backup equipment, but it is at their office.

9. Does it cost extra for you to bring backup equipment?


10. Will you display any signage in front of or on your equipment at my wedding?

No, no, no. This day is about you, not us.

11. My ceremony will be onsite outside the building; will you have all the equipment needed to cover the ceremony and reception areas at the same time?

Yes. We cover all areas at once for smooth transitions.

12. Will it be just you or is there a second person?

We always work in two-person teams.

13. What do you wear at my wedding?

Men: Slacks, Shirt, Tie and Vest or Tuxedo.

Women: Slacks and Blous

14. Can I choose all the music for my wedding?

If you like, yes you can. Your day, your way.

15. Will you take requests from my guests?

Yes, if you allow us too.

16. Can I supply you with a do not playlist?

Please do! It is just as important to know what you don't want as to what you do want.

17. What kind of music do you carry?

Ballroom (Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Tango & Waltz), Cajun, Christian Music (Classic, Pop, Soft Rock), Country (Modern & Western), Disco, Freestyle, Hip Hop (Rap, R&B and Reggae), Italian, Motown, Jazz, Oldies, Polka, Pop (Through the decades all the way to up-to-date), Portuguese, Reggae (Classic and Modern), Rock (Alternative, Classic, Hard, Metal & Soft), Spanish Music (Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue, Pop, Reggaeton & Salsa) and more!

18. Do you have up-to-date music?

Yes, we do.

19. How up-to-date is your music?

We received new music every day. We have new music that has not started to play on the radio yet.

20. What will you be drinking at the wedding?

Water or Soda. Professionals should not drink alcohol while working.

21. Does the cost include any applicable taxes and/or gratuity?

As of right now there is no sales tax on Disc Jockey Services. We do not add a gratuity. Gratuity is completely up to you. It is not expected, but appreciated.

22. How do we pay for your service?

Cash, Credit Card or Personal Check.

Frequently Asked Questions
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