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Sean Crawford

Wedding Coordinator/Emcee/

DJ Entertainer

Performing Since 1999

About Sean

Sean has always had a passion for both music and professional audio production. Growing up, he acquired some of this interest from his Father, who not only had a very eclectic taste in music but also loved to listen to it the way it was meant to be heard; crisp, clean and lifelike! In his high school years, Sean aspired to work in radio or television broadcasting. He took a course offered in school on radio and television production and also worked as an intern for the local cable company's public access channel. In the early 1990's he did some work with a local sound company setting-up and operating larger scale sound and lighting systems for small stage productions and local concerts. Sean began working as a professional Emcee/DJ in 1999. He has a very unique and energetic emcee style which is often described as "radio-like". His musical interests and knowledge span all decades and genres and his already vast music library is constantly being expanded. His attention to detail not only provides his couples with a truly professional sound and appearance, but also makes him an excellent wedding coordinator. Sean can be as low-key or as interactive as you like and he understands that each person is an individual, therefore he enjoys providing his couples with that unique one-of-a-kind experience!

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Photo taken by Airen Miller Photography

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